Thought Of The Day (After a VERY Interesting Morning).

Let’s begin with the interesting event I unfortunately witnessed this morning.

This morning, I went to the grocery store. I was walking down an aisle near the snack foods, where I saw 2 ladies talking amicably about this coming weekends multi-family cookout. They seemed very friendly as they went over a shopping list of all the things they needed for their cookout and other gossipy tidbits (Did I mention they were speaking very loudly?). As I went about getting my own shopping list done, I started to hear raised voices from the ladies. One was talking about a political view on, what I like to call, the “Great Gay Debate”. The other was looking at it from a religious standpoint. I am not going to go into their individual opinions, or even my own opinions, on the matter, because that is not what important. I will say, that within 15 minutes, their multi-family cookout was cancelled and I think even I learned new insults and words I have never heard before. 

This happens all the time. It’s sad. On social media, in person, through e-mail, in letters, etc. But what is it all about? Why does it matter if someone believes something differently then you or your Mom, or your Dad, or your kids? 

I think it’s a horrible notion, that people will almost always drop the standards that they work so hard to make sure every one else believes, just to degrade/name-call/bully someone for a simple difference in opinion. Is it really that important for just one person to be right? To be the “victor”? To change someones sense of value, or belief, just so you can have a sense of worth, or whatever it is your trying to achieve?

Maybe the bigger question is, why should your opinion outweigh others? Why does it matter if someone else believes in everything you do, in the exact same way? You can literally view this question in almost every debate topic of the current times. Gay or Straight? Christian or Pagan? Citizen or Immigrant? Democrat or Republican?

It’s a vicious cycle. Next time someone shares a difference in opinion or a different view on a topic, maybe you should just let it be. Is it really worth loosing a friendship or even an acquaintance, over the very fact that differences are what makes us human and that in itself should be celebrated.


That is all. Rant over.